Fine-Tune Your Game

Schedule a golf club fitting today at our facility in Midland, TX

Do you stand over your ball and just pray that it goes in the right general direction? Golf is tough, even for tour professionals. But if you've been playing with clubs that aren't designed for your game, you're only making it harder. Speak to the pros at Golf Headquarters Midland to learn more about our golf club fitting services offered in Midland, TX.

As a Golf Digest top-100 club fitter, there's not a single club in your bag we can't tweak or adjust to suit your game. You can sign up for a:

  • Driver fitting
  • Putter fitting
  • Hybrid/Iron gap analysis
  • Ball fitting
  • Iron fitting
  • Wedge gap analysis
  • Grip fitting/analysis

After we get everything we need from the golf club fitting you choose, our technicians will get right to work. Golf club reshafting is guaranteed for next-day pickup and any regripping job will be ready to go the same day you bring them in.

Call today to set up an appointment.

Grip it and rip it

Many fitters refer to the shaft as the engine of the golf club. If you've been struggling to find more power and consistency out of your game, you might be playing with a shaft that simply doesn't fit. We'll take a close look at your body dimensions, swing speed, tempo, lie angle and impact location to find your perfect setup.

Our golf club reshafting service will:

  • Produce an ideal launch, peak height and descent angle
  • Allow your clubface to return back to square more consistently
  • Produce more torque and speed out of your swing

Translate every bit of your swing's power straight to the golf ball. Sign up for a golf club reshafting service today.